Park Rangers Discover And Rescue 6 Baby Wild Elephants All Stuck In A Row

Six newborn elephants were discovered to be trapped in a mud pit in Tʜᴀɪʟᴀɴᴅ’s Thap Lan National Park, and a crew of park rangers raced out to the sᴄᴇɴᴇ to investigate the situation. When they got there, they discovered the six newborn elephants lined up in a row, completely trapped in the mud and unable to escape on their own.

The park guards turned to look around when they noticed the parent elephants were still nearby and appeared to be waiting for their young to emerge from the pit and join them before departing. The rangers were aware that it was their responsibility to arrange for the reunification of the newborn elephants and their parents.

Unfortunately, the park rangers lacked the necessary tools to immediately assist the baby elephants, so someone had to keep an eye on them overnight until the necessary tools could be brought over the following morning.

Finally, they were able to start digging a sort of ramp into the muck pit for the elephants to climb out securely. And one by one, the baby elephants gently made their way out of the muck pit and back up to safety.

After their trauma, all six of the newborn elephants appeared to be in good health, and the park rangers kept an eye on them for a while to make sure they were moving around and walking correctly.

The six baby elephants probably wouldn’t have survived if the park rangers hadn’t committed their time to trying to save them. They were reunited with their family in safety, and it is hoped that they would proceed with caution in the future when near large mud pits.


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