Baby Goat Covered With Tar Receives Life-Saving Bath

When a young goat was given to Animal Aid Unlimited, they knew they had to move quickly to save her life. The tar on the poor animal was so thick that it prevented her from moving. Her legs were glued to one another and her tail was glued to her torso. She was so tired and worn out that she was unable to even scream for her mother. Sadly, the newborn goat’s owner had abandoned her and left her to perish. 

After performing a short assessment of the newborn goat, the Animal Aid Unlimited rescue team found that she was critically dehydrated, hot, and worn out. They needed to remove the tar while also getting some food and hydration into her stomach.

Five individuals gathered around and got to work. The goat, Suri, was given a bottle by hand as the others labored to remove the tar from her fur. Her entire body had to be submerged in an oil-filled tub as the rescuers started rubbing the tar off because it was so thick!

They eventually removed enough of the tar to be able to see her fur and give her some painᴋɪʟʟers. With some food and a lot of shampoo, the newborn goat gradually gained the courage and strength to stand. She was still caked in tar, but she was regaining strength!

They had to go through the entire cleaning process again the next day, including an oil bath and a lot of shampooing. On the third day Suri’s fur was nearly clean. Before she was ready to go, she still needed a thorough cleaning. Her appetite had returned by that point. She was virtually back to normal, could feed herself, and could even walk!

Suri was given a bath that saved her life and she was given a permanent home with an animal shelter. At the sanctuary, she has lots of other rescue buddies, space to explore, and a loving team.


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