This Elephant Thinks Her Caregiver Is Drowning So She Runs To The River To Save Him

This happened when Derrick, the elephants’ caretaker and five elephants were strolling next to a river in a natural area in Tʜᴀɪʟᴀɴᴅ.

At one point, Derrick is in the water and appears to be being pulled away by the current. Fortunately for him, his elephant heroically rushes to his rescue without a second thought.

However, does the man look desperate? Infact, he’s not in that much danger. The elephant keeps running toward him, holding him up with his trunk so he can grab onto him and escape.

Although the man was undoubtedly not in danger, the bravery of his elephant still gained the admiration of many users on the Internet, who have now viewed the clip more than 15 million times.

She simply adores her favorite human, and this little elephant is not about to let anything unpleasant happen to him.

A big elephant may appear to be very slow, but their love for their caregiver is quite powerful, and they may even put themselves in danger for the benefit of their loved one, as this story demonstrates.

Despite how endearing their relationship may be, there is a more important lesson to be learned from it: When we are good to animals, the rewards can last a lifetime.


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