A Cunning Porcupine Successfully Repelled A Hungry Leopard’s Approaches

A frightened porcupine used its spines to defend itself, and a hungry leopard was unable to pursue it.

Ard van de Wetering spotted a voracious animal seeking for food while visiting Kruger National Park with his wife.

The leopard came upon a prickly treat who was not keen in being the next meal as it jumped into a drainage channel.

The porcupine moved towards its a.tt.acks, moving forward with its well-protected back to escape the a.tt.acks.

After a 30-minute skirmish with the leopard, the porcupine was left alone in the middle of the road. It eventually moved on to different prey.

He went on to say, “It was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.” “I had no clue we’d get to see something like this up close and personal.”

Porcupines have a powerful self-defense system. After a while, it seemed as though the leopard had become tired or given up.

“The porcupine had all the tricks in the book, yet it was plainly inexperienced.”

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