A British Photographer Has Captured A Rare And Beautiful Black Leopard For The First Time In 100 Years

Will Burrard-Lucas, a British photographer, saw a black leopard while photographing it in Ethiopia.

Because these species are so uncommon in Africa, the last photo was taken in 1909, and there have been no more typical photographs taken from the continent since then. Until lately, that is – after all, Will was able to locate and photograph the adorable feline!

Will is a British photographer who captured a black leopard on camera. There was just one shot of a black leopard from Africa till 2019.

Only one high-quality photo of a leopard like this has been taken in Africa thus far. Despite the fact that many people have heard about the unusual species, the sole photographic evidence of its presence on the continent is a shot taken in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, in 1909.

Residents in the area reported seeing the unique animal and assisted Will in tracking it down. The photographer had to wait for the black leopard to arrive in front of the camera for a few days.

Will believes that all of his work and waiting were well worth it. After all, he not only photographed the uncommon animal, but the images turned out to be stunning!

“The first thing that struck me in all of the images I shot were the leopard’s eyes,” Will remarked.

Many people believed that such advertising would put the tailed model’s life in jeopardy.

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