The Caretaker Cuddles Up To Him To Make The Rescued Elephant Feel Safe

This is the touching moment a big elephant falls asleep to the sound of a lady singing at an animal shelter and rescue facility in Thailand.

The video was filmed by a staff member at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai Province’s Mae Taeng District, and it begins with the elephant on her feet. Despite their harsh lives, these elephants’ ability to open their hearts to a caring caregiver reveals their loving nature.

According to the sanctuary, the woman named Lek has a good relationship with the elephant Faamai and has been helping her sleep for years.

Lek continues to sing gently as she approaches the animal, who greets her with an embrace from her long trunk.

As she wanders around the monster, the lady continues to sing while slapping insects out of her eyes with a piece of cloth.

The elephant, sleepy, gently lowers herself to her knees before fainting on the ground.

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