The World’s Top 5 Largest Snakes

What is the biggest snake in the planet? There are over 3,000 different species of snakes on the earth, so you’ll have plenty of options. The longest snakes in this list were chosen based on their length. Snakes that were really long and weighed a lot were ranked even higher.

5.The Indian Python – 20 Feet Long

The Indian python (Python molurus) may reach a length of 20 feet and sometimes much more. They are about 150 pounds in weight. The woodlands of Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are home to this reptile. This snake eats birds and small animals. Like other pythons, it captures its prey with its formidable jaws and wraps its body around it to suffocate it. Unfortunately, this reptile’s conservation status is Vulnerable. In certain areas, it is hunted for its skin and eaten. Habitat destruction is also having an effect on this snake’s population.

4.The Burmese Python – 23 Feet Long

Burmese pythons (Python bivitattus) may reach a length of 23 feet and a weight of 200 pounds. This reptile may be found in the marshes of Southeast Asia, including China. Its girth, or thickness, is comparable to that of a telephone pole! A Burmese python, like the other pythons on this list, suffocates its prey by wrapping its strong body around it. Its number is falling and their conservation status is Vulnerable. The skin of these snakes is caught and consumed once they are killed. Destruction of habitat has also resulted in a reduction in this snake’s prey, leading in a reduction in its overall population.

3.The Amethystine Python – 27 Feet Long

The amethystine python (Morelia amethistina) may reach a length of 27 feet and a weight of 33 pounds. Males are often taller than females. Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia are home to this reptile species. Tropical forests, savannas, and shrublands are where it may be found. The conservation status of this snake is Least Concern, indicating that it has a stable population.

2.The Reticulated Python – 29 Feet Long

The reticulated python (Python reticulatus) may reach a length of 29 feet and a weight of 595 pounds! The pattern of the reticulated python’s brownish-yellow and black scales gives it its name. Reticulated python females are often larger than males. This reptile may be found in the forests and marshes of Southeast Asia, as well as Bangladesh and Vietnam. Least Concern is the conservation status of this species.

1.The Green Anaconda – 30 Feet Long

The world’s biggest snake is the green anaconda (Eunectes murinus). It may grow to be 30 feet long and 550 pounds in weight. A green anaconda would measure around the length of a regular school bus if extended to its full length! Green anacondas’ females are considerably larger than their male counterparts. The Amazon jungles and marshes of Brazil are home to the world’s biggest snake. They are predators that catch their prey, such as wild pigs and deer, by wrapping their gigantic bodies around them and squeezing them to death.

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