An Owl Saved By A Man Has Become One Of His Best Friends, Keeping Him Company Indoors Rather Than Outside

A small lost baby owl was discovered laying on the ground by Peter Middleton. The owl was in dreadful condition. He was completely coated in dirt and had a severe infection in his feet. Mr. Middleton couldn’t help himself when he saw the owl’s plight and determined to save him.

This owl was given the name Bertie by Mr. Middleton. He drove him to the veterinarian. He was under the veterinarian’s care for around two months.

As he healed and began to feel better, he became more active, soaring around. As a result, the veterinarian requested that Mr. Middleton remove him and place him among other birds, preferably owls.

Mr. Middleton brought him home and placed him in his back porch dog kennel. Mr. Middleton took Bertie out and brought him into the house since he felt uneasy.

Bertie has remained inside the home since that day. He doesn’t enjoy going outside, so he keeps Mr. Middleton company instead.

Mr. Middleton looks after him very well, feeding him chicks and mice. The photos below show Bertie with Mr. Middleton doing various indoor activities.

Mr. Middleton and Bertie in their daily routine. Bertie loves to stay inside and assist Peter with his everyday tasks.

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