Horrifying Sights A Giant Crocodile Swallows A Shark In One Bite

The moment a massive 1,500lb crocodile devoured a bull-shark in one swallow was recorded in extraordinary photos.

The crocodile can be seen approaching and then consuming its victim in an unexpected encounter of two apex predators along Australia’s east coast.

The crocodile could be seen closing up on the 100-pound bull shark pup in one snap, its massive jaws extended wide, ready to devour its victim.

In a second shot, the reptile was shown with the shark upside down between its jaws, helpless to escape its doom.

Crocodiles are noted for possessing the strongest bite in the animal kingdom, with certain species capable of exerting eight times the force of a great white shark’s bite.

During a trip to the east coast of Australia, research scientist and photographer Mark Ziembicki (46) from North Queensland, Australia, recorded this once-in-a-lifetime sight.

For several hours, Ziembicki had been following the two creatures in the region, interested to see what would happen if they came across each other.

“While we were photographing another crocodile on the bank, there was some activity about a hundred feet distant,” he recounted. A local person who was also present exclaimed that a croc was devouring a shark. We turned around to see the shark thrashing about in the throat of the crocodile.”

There were two reasons, according to Ziembicki, why freshwater species were swept downriver and into saline coastal seas. He attributed the odd meeting of the two apex predators to the recent opening of the St Lucia estuary and severe rains inland.

Using a Canon 5D SLR camera and a 300mm lens, Ziembicki was able to capture the attack, which took place just 60 feet from where he was standing.

“It tossed the shark about in its jaws for around 10 minutes.” The shark began to move less and less until it was devoured whole, headfirst. We were absolutely caught off guard.”

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