Cotton Candy Lobster – A Rare Cotton Candy Lobster, Just One In A Hundred Million Is That Color

A Maine fisherman caught an ultra-rare “cotton candy lobster” last weekend and is now looking for a permanent home for the creature.

Bill Coppersmith, a fisherman for more than 40 years, caught the uncommon discovery in Maine’s Casco Bay this weekend and called the crab Haddie after his granddaughter.

According to WMUR, the chances of catching a “cotton candy lobster” are more than one in a hundred million.

The lobster’s opal, azure colours might be due to a genetic mutation or an unique diet, according to National Geographic.

Haddie has been spending the last several days in a tank at Get Maine Lobster, a seafood firm situated in Portland, Maine, where Coppersmith is a seller.

Haddie will not be cooked or sold, according to the firm.

Its main purpose is to provide Haddie with a permanent home where she may live out her days in peace without fear of being caught by predators.

They’re looking for local aquariums and groups to adopt her.

On Get Maine Lobster’s website, interested organizations and aquariums may learn more about adopting Haddie.


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