A Curious Mouse Sniffs A Blue Viper, Which Devours It With A Flash Of Its Teeth

Before swallowing the mouse completely, the venomous predator opened its jaws wide and displayed its teeth to the mouse. After seeing the uncommon incident in a friend’s back garden, photographer Dzul Dzulfikri from Bekasi, Indonesia, snapped the incredible photographs.

Once a week, Dzul’s friend’s pet blue pit viper is rewarded with mice. In the snapshot captured by Indonesian photographer Dzul Dzulfikri, the 27-inch blue viper can be seen touching noses with the small mouse before the snake opens its mouth and swallows the mouse whole.

The blue viper then strikes, devouring the terrified mouse whole. Photographer Dzul Dzulfikri of Bekasi, Indonesia, captured the breathtaking images while in the back garden of a friend. A mouse is devoured whole after meeting with a 27-inch blue snake, according to incredible footage.

The blue pit viper devoured the four-inch rat in less than five minutes while the camera filmed the moment. Dzul Dzulfikri, an Indonesian photographer, captured the 27-inch blue pit viper staring right at him.

The mouse, which was tossed into the viper’s outdoor house as a weekly gift by its owner, approaches the snake with curiosity. The snake is shown devouring the final bit of its tasty meal after digesting the small mouse in less than five minutes. In a couple of seconds, the mouse had gone from view and into the snake’s jaws.

The four-inch mouse was gobbled whole after coming face to face with the dangerous blue snake in its owner’s back yard in Bekasi, Indonesia. The blue viper is a vicious predator native to Indonesia, having venom that may cause severe bleeding.


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