Does The Big Black Snake Swallow An Assault Rifle?

There is a saying called “Snake Tunxiang” that refers to the lack of human heart. In the actual world, snakes can swallow animals much larger than themselves. On June 23, 2020, a netizen named Su-57 posted an unexpected photo on a social networking site. In this shot, a huge black snake is seen devouring something interesting. An assault rifle, the A.K-47, was used. Su-57, a netizen, accompanied the relevant photos with the right parody text, writing: “In Russia, the snake is not shot, but the snake devour the gun.”

When the strange photos were uploaded on the Internet, they quickly aroused controversy among international netizens. Some believed it was accurate, but others expressed a variety of reservations. The author followed up on the origins of the photo’s distribution out of curiosity. In fact, at the end of January 2020, images of a giant black snake consuming an A.K-47 assault weapon began to circulate, with accompanying text claiming that it occurred in Russia.

There appear to be various signs that the fighting nations’ snakes are exceedingly bold and dare to eat the A.K-47 assault rifle. However, the source of the relevant photos, according to the author’s Internet remember, was not January 2020, but March 3rd, 2019. The incident occurred in the Sambisa Forest, which is located in the northern region of the Chad Basin National Park, according to the story.

Similar photos became popular when they were posted on the Internet, and even after some netizens repeated them on social networking sites, they received a lot of attention. While snakes are known to swallow objects (animals) significantly larger than themselves, the photographs showing snakes devouring A.K-47 assault guns appear to be false, according to various image processing experts. These unusual photos, according to the image processing expert, are most likely to be used for fun and to attract everyone’s attention.

Some internet users said that if the snakes in the handles and magazines are real, they should have apparent excesses and not be so angular after seeing the photos. Some online users even pointed out that the snake in the photo seemed to be made of plastic rather than being real. The veracity of these photos was also questioned by the author. To begin with, the A.K-47 assault rifle is primarily made of metal, and the magazine is almost 20 cm long. The black snake has a hard time swallowing it.

The A.K-47 assault rifle also contains a lot of sharp edges and corners, as well as several sharp points. The internal organs of the black snake will be injured if it swallows the A.K-47 assault weapon aggressively. In other words, after eating the A.K-47 assault rifle, the black snake will very surely be crushed to death. No matter how good the black snake’s eating or digestion talents are, it won’t be able to melt the icy steel for long. The filming took place in the woods, according to the set photos.

Assault weapons are often used by military personnel. If a soldier sees a snake eating his weapon, he will definitely kill it. And, given the A.K-47 assault weapon’s appearance, it won’t be long before this black snake devours it. No one on the site has been able to authenticate the photo of the black snake consuming the A.K-47 assault weapon, and the legal challenges that followed have yet to be resolved. Whether genuine or not, the initial poster of the strange photo must have succeeded in its goal of piqueing the attention and curiosity of netizens. The story behind this series of images may remain a mystery for a long time.


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