Parents Of Identical Quadrants In Alberta Use Color Codes To Distinguish Them

“McKayla is pink, Emily is purple, Grace is red and Abigail is green,” dad said. Parents of identical quartets born in Alberta have devised a new way to tell them apart – color-coded earrings. The Webb family, who continue to steal attention and hearts around the planet, first came to the spotlight in May when parents Bethani and Tim welcomed McKayla, Grace, Emily and Abigail in a hospital in Edmonton. At that time, even the girl’s parents could not tell them apart.

One problem they’ve now fixed with color-coded earrings. “McKayla is pink, Emily is purple, Grace is red and Abigail is green,” father Tim Webb explained on Wednesday. Now two months old, the girls’ personalities are also starting to develop. But Webb said they still have one key similarity: “They still like being together… they don’t like being apart.” The quartet and their parents moved to live with their grandmother in Hythe, Alta, about 500 km away northwest of Edmonton. “They’re doing pretty well these days,” says Tim Webb. “They’re growing like weeds.”

Luckily, the house has plenty of room for the growing girls and all their admirers – many of whom regularly volunteer to help babysit. “There is no shortage of volunteers,” said the father. “We are so lucky to live in a small town that is taken care of.” That interest has now extended beyond the small town of Alberta, thanks in part to a compelling photo session by Grande Prairie, Alta, and Cassandra Jones photographer. Photos of the little bunnies wearing fuzzy bunny costumes were posted to Jones’ Facebook page, Noelle Mirabella Photography.

They have been shared nearly 2,000 times, with hundreds of people commenting on how cute they are. “Everything was planned months in advance,” Jones said in an email. “I had knit hats, costumes and scarves made specifically for the babies in the shoot.” She thought that outdoor shots at a hollow log and stump would be perfect, but Jones also had to make sure the babies’ clothes were comfortable and warm. “They fit pretty well, but we managed to put them together and they look lovely,” she said.

While she has photographed twins before, doubling the number of babies was a new experience for Jones. She enlisted five assistants to make things go smoothly. “I really wanted Bethani to be able to sit and relax and not have to worry about anything. We had so many perfect hands. We all had things to do to put everything together. ” For the little girls themselves, they are more than the end of the bargain. “All the girls were AMAZING! They slept like little angels during the shoot.”


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