Caring Elephant Herd Halts To Check On The Youngest Calf Who Just Takes A Tumble

The elephant herd exhibits their love for Khanyisa, their newest member. Her devotion for the herd has only grown since she joined them as an orphaned elephant. Some of the other elephants’ names include Bubi, Somopane, Limpopo, Klaseries, and Setombe.

The older elephants, led by Somopane, walk ahead of Khanyisa. A striking orange colour is thrown over the sky by the setting sun. Khanyisa stumbles on her own feet before falling on the sand. The entire herd stops to see how she is doing. The adjacent adults help her rise up, and after doing so, she resumes her normal activities. Khanyisa trips again, and Limpopo, Klaseries, and Setombe use their trunks to assist her get up.

Each elephant pays special attention to Khanyisa. She is a juvenile elephant who is energetic and curious. They constantly monitor her to make sure she is on the lookout for any potential predators. Khanyisa wants to play and rest while lying on the sand, but the adults make her get back up. Khanyisa scavenges for food by breaking up the earth with her foot, trunk, and mouth.

Birds are chirping all around them, and zebras are observed grazing in the distance. Khanyisa takes advantage of the opportunity to bury herself in the sand once more while the herd is stopping to ʜᴜɴᴛ for more food.

Let’s watch the video:

Source: HERD Elephant Orphanage Sᴏᴜᴛʜ Aғʀɪᴄᴀ


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