Two Baby Elephants Manage To Climb Out Of A Deep Pit After Villagers Use A Digger To Rescue Them

This sweet sᴄᴇɴᴇ shows the rescue of two elephant calves from a deep pit after a four-hour ordeal. Residents of Kalagama, Galkiriyagama, Sʀɪ Lᴀɴᴋᴀ, were awakened by trumpeting early in the morning.

The two calves were discovered to be stranded in a trench that was at least six feet deep when they went to investigate. As they awaited their calves to emerge from the pit, their mothers remained nearby with the rest of the herd.

Wildlife officials were called and a digger was brought in to break down the pit’s edge, assisting animals escape by climbing out on their own. The elephants had to climb out of the pit after four hours of digging by villagers and conservation officials.

The other calf found the ascent more difficult even as one of them pushed away to run back to the waiting herd. The second calf tried to drag himself out of the pit with his front legs but was still too weak to succeed. The calf could only climb to safety once the digger’s arm was extended to assist in pulling him out of the hole. Eventually, both calves were able to reunite with their mothers.

Let’s take a look at this moment in the video below:

Source: Nomad Entrepreneur


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