Hungry Elephant Smashes Through A Kitchen Wall To sᴛᴇᴀʟ Food From A Home

This amazing incident occurred when an elephant broke through the kitchen wall of a family in the middle of the night to grab a bag of rice. At two in the morning in Hua Hin, southern Tʜᴀɪʟᴀɴᴅ, the adult bull with the name Plai Bunchuay smelled the meal and burst into the house.

The noise woke RaCʜᴀᴅawan Phungprasopporn and her husband, who immediately went to the kitchen to investigate what had happened. They were horrified to see the elephant searching through the cabinet with its long trunk and enormous ivory tusks. Even a plastic bag of rice was seized by it, which was then forced into its mouth.

RaCʜᴀᴅawan claimed that her husband assisted in chasing the beast away, which then disappeared into a nearby wooded area. This elephant was well known in the region for causing a lot of trouble, she claimed. About two months ago, he visited the residence to look around, but he left without causing any harm.

When they spoke with the local wildlife officers, they advised us not to leave food out in the kitchen since the smell might draw elephants. Repairing the wall would cost roughly 50,000 Baht. While it was amusing to see the elephant in that situation, she was also concerned that he might return.

Let’s watch the video:

Source: Aphrike Roots


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