Baby Elephant Learns How To Blow Bubbles With His Clumsy Trunk In The Water For The First Time

Who knew that infant elephants and kids had so many things in common, like a liking of water and making bubbles in it? This juvenile elephant was just two weeks old, despite being rather big. Like every infant, this baby elephant was learning how to move her body in a natural way. In Tucson, Arizona’s Reid Park Zoo, the keepers made every effort to make the baby African elephant happy.

She could play outside in a huge water pool that they had made up. This allowed her to use her trunk more effectively as well. There were many people in attendance because of the baby. The little one put on an entertaining show for the visitors to the zoo, who were mostly children. In addition, the tiny elephant was with an adult elephant who was drinking water.

However, the juvenile elephant had different plans and didn’t sip water like the adult elephant did. She had just recently started to have fun. It resembled a modest act of defiance.

The baby elephant was irrelevant even though both elephants were in a protected area. Although the adult elephant sipped water from it peacefully and distantly, the baby elephant had to approach the water pool in order to play with it.

The baby elephant didn’t appear distressed despite her trunk becoming entangled in the enclosure’s wire. She merely desired to create bubbles in the water and play in it like a young child. She put on quite a show for everyone watching at the zoo.


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