Elephant Loves His Nap Time So Much That His Mother And Keepers Can’t Wake Him Up

A sleepy juvenile elephant was dozing off at this precise time, and not even his mother could rouse him. The tenacious little animal was photographed soundly resting off on his side in the middle of the Prague Zoo. Before the zoo personnel gave him a light prod and the little boy finally got up and chased after his impatient mother, he tried to ignore his impatient mother.

The endearing video, which was shot on a beautiful day, shows the baby male elephant dozing in the grass while his mother churned up dust. The picture of serenity, his front legs jerked, and his mouth was open as he dozed off.

Inquiringly running a trunk over the sleeping calf’s body, his mother approached him after growing sick of the extended siesta. She made an effort to talk to the unresponsive infant but received no reaction, so she gave up and departed. Thankfully, there were zookeepers nearby to step in, and one of them tenderly poked the animal’s behind several times.

The infant elephant, who is yet unnamed, finally awoke from his stupor and stood up straight. Quickly regaining his strength, he and the keeper hurried in the direction of his mother. As the video came to a close, the happy couple left.

Let’s watch the video:

Source: HAFIDZ’s


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