Incredible Moment An Angry Hippo Tries To ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴛen A Giant Elephant As It Approaches For A Drink

A hippo and an elephant engaged in a battle of the giants when the elephant came for a drink. The moment was so surprising to see. On the Chobe River in Bᴏᴛsᴡᴀɴᴀ, the hippopotamus was unhappy with the elephant for invading its territory, and it was determined to express its anger.

Nicole Cambre, a 43-year-old lawyer and talented photographer from Brussels, photographed the heavyweight match. Her photographs depict an elephant standing up on a river island as a submerged hippo swam upstream toward it.

Despite the elephant’s size, the hippo emerged from the water to try to scare the enormous beast away. It tried to scare the unwanted visitor as soon as it arrived on the island by opening its jaws and showing its teeth.

The elephant lowered its head but the combat was over before it even got started because additional elephants showed up, and the hippo retreated. 

Ms. Cambre said that the elephant had traveled to an island in the middle of the Chobe River. It appeared that the hippo was guarding its area since it was not happy about it. The hippo backed off and entered the river when more elephants crossed the river to the island.


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