These Stunniпg Photos Capture The Raw Beauty Of A Waterbirth

Birth photography in Denver is done by Monet Nicole. She thinks it’s important to observe and celebrate birth. Celebrating a birth is amazing, but seeing it on camera elevates the experience significantly.

Photographer Monet Nicole from Denver captured Maeve’s lovely waterbirth in these images. Check out these stunningly lovely pictures to see the ᴀᴡᴇ-inspiring power of this birth story.

On Instagram, Erin discovered me. It became clear to me from watching her and her wife, Jess, converse, that this family found birth to be both beautiful and uplifting.

She emailed me to share the joyful news that Erin and Jess were expecting their second child and were considering having a homebirth this summer. They also asked me to document the birth.

Just a few weeks before Maeve’s birthday, we got together. In May, the morning was chilly and damp. Over coffee at Huckleberry, we conversed and laughed, and I had the impression that I knew these two great people well.

Finding people that connect with us on such a deep level is uncommon, and it’s even more uncommon to detect this connection right away, but I believe we all sensed it that day.

Erin seems to have a strong connection to her body and this pregnancy. She was equipped—spiritually, ᴇᴍᴏᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟly, and physically—to give birth to her daughter.

“I could gush over Erin and Jess or Maeve’s birthday for a very long time. Words, though, wouldn’t do it justice. Actually, the more I write, the more tears well up in my eyes. One of the most beautiful, loving experiences I’ve ever seen was this birth.


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