The “Symphony of the Stones” in Garni Gorge, Armenia.

The “Symphony of the Stones” in Armenia’s Garni Gorge. Because the basalt columns hung against gravity resemble an organ, the natural monument is also known as the “Basalt Organ.” The river that rushes through the gorge provides the soundtrack, filling the magnificence of the stone with a symphony of water.

Garni Gorge is particularly famous among visitors who come to witness the natural rocks of incredible beauty known as the “Symphony of Stones” or “Basalt Organ.”

The rocks resemble long vertical hexagonal pillars, which are linked with the church organ. Massive stone pillars rise around 50 meters above the ground.

The “Symphony of Stones” is thought to be the consequence of volcanic rock fall, which cannot be ruled out today. In this case, it is best to observe the natural occurrence from a safe distance.

It’s difficult to imagine that such beautifully and symmetrically cut stones were formed by nature rather than by human hands.

The Basalt Organ is a spectacular natural feature in Garni Gorge! Nature has constructed hexagonal columns that dangle over the river, giving the image of a massive musical instrument. And it appears like the rocks are about to sing!

The Symphony of Stones is made out of basalt boulders in the shape of straight pipes that stand roughly 100 meters tall. Symphony of Stones is the name given to this attraction because the rocks resemble a musical instrument organ from a distance. These rocks occur as a result of a rapid freezing of lava.


Symphony-of-Stones The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) summarized the “Vettor Giusti” competition for the best tourism poster, which is conducted every two years.

According to the rules of the competition, one poster from each country is shown, and normally organizations representing nations in UNWTO run a local photo contest to pick the best photo, which is then submitted to the worldwide competition “Vettor Giusti.”

The poster of “Symphony of Stones” submitted by Armenia is deemed to be the finest in Europe as a result of online voting (people from all over the world may vote).


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