Tokangawhā / Split Apple Rock

There appears to be a gigantic stone apple that has been cleanly split in half by an extraterrestrial sword in the gorgeous, crystal-clear waters of Tasman Bay. This unusual boulder is a one-of-a-kind beach attraction.

Split Apple Rock is a naturally occurring rock structure in Abel Tasman National Park along the seashore between Kaiteriteri and Marahau. It is said to be 120 million years old and made of granite.
According to Mori legend, the rock was split by two opposing gods fighting for ownership of it. To fix the dilemma, they split it in half using their godlike might. Mori calls the rock Tokangawh, which translates as “burst open rock.” A more scientific explanation is that water crawled into a crevice in the granite during an ice age, froze, swelled, and fractured the stone.

The rock and the earth are separated by around 160 feet. A little walk goes to the beach just outside of Kaiteriteri. You may also see the rock from the ocean by taking a kayak excursion or a water taxi.

In 2014, the formation was given the official name Tokangawh/Split Apple Rock.


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