Japan Beaches With Star-Shaped Sand

The beaches in the Japanese islands of Taketomi, Kaijihama, and Aiyaruhama feature a unique sand. This star-shaped sand is highly unusual and is only produced under certain conditions. In fact, the small star-shaped sand grains that comprise Hoshizuna no Hama have only been discovered in two places on Earth (Star Sand Beach).
This sand is highly uncommon and is only produced under certain conditions.
The pointed husks of the little star-shaped sand grains are formed by millions of microscopic foraminifera, a protist related to amoebas. When foraminifera die in the Western Pacific Ocean, they are washed up on shore by the tide. Around 10,000 Foraminifera species generate shells with a variety of designs. shells with a star shape, such as those formed by Baculogypsina sphaerulata
They are actually the spiky husks of millions of tiny Foraminifera.

The distinctive sands can be found on two beaches on Taketomi: Kaijihama and Aiyaruhama.

Star-sand beaches may also be found on the surrounding islands of Iriomote and Hatoma.


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